Skateboarding was all Adjoa ever cared about. She would skate for hours everyday with her crew. Today however, she was alone. Her crew had travelled outside Accra for a competition she wasn’t keen on.

She was skitching her way to the game centre to throw down with the ​game gbees.​ Oh how she loved to destroy their stupid egos. She let go of the car she had hitched a ride on and made the turn to the game centre.


Adjoa was no longer at Lapaz on the turn to the game centre when the darkness evaporated. She was on a bridge. She vaguely remembered the bridge but didn’t have time to think about it.

Where am I and how did I get here were questions that burned on her mind.

“It’s a long story but you’ll soon understand” replied an all too familiar voice. “Bede, is that you?”

“Yes, it’s me Adjoa”. Adjoa turned around to face her longtime friend. There was something off about him. His hair was a mess, he kept twiddling his thumbs and constantly looked over his shoulder..something was wrong.

“What’s happening and where are we” Adjoa asked, her eyes darting about with questions.

“It’s hard to explain but know this, you’re the only one who can do it”. “Do what Bede? You’re scaring me”.

“I need you to”, something howled and Bede stiffened. He pulled a sword out from thin air. A hideous fox with golden yellow teeth with the breath of 10 zoomlion garbage trucks landed in front of them. It lunged at Adjoa but Bede was there to protect her.

Bede took down the beast in a display of gorgeous swordsmanship. He handed Adjoa a bracelet. “Wear this, it’ll guide you where you need to go”. He handed her a pouch. Take this pouch to the trickster god, it contains a powdered fragment of Akomfo Anokye’s sword. This is the only thing standing between humanity and an invasion from hell”.

“Bede, stop messing with me. What nonsense are you spewing!” Adjoa spat. “I don’t see you in 5 years and you show up with this nonsense? How dare you!”

I’m sorry Adjoa, you’re the fastest person I know and the only one I can trust with this. Another beast appeared and made a move on Adjoa. Again, Bede protected her.

“Also, I’m convinced you’re the saviour we were promised”.

There was another howl. This one was different, sinister and with it, an oily, burning hot aura.
“Remember, get the pouch to Kweku Ananse. The bracelet will guide you and”, he tore off his sword-shaped necklace and handed it to Adjoa, “you can defend yourself with this”.

A towering two headed beast, part fox and part snake approached.

Bede pulled out another sword and looked deep into Adjoa’s eyes. “Your mission starts now” he cried. Adjoa felt his unshed tears.

“I love you”.
Adjoa was back at Lapaz with the pouch, necklace and bracelet in tact.

What the?

Written by KaDi Yao Tay.