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In this chapter, the chichinga seller catches up with Ananse, shakes him up and retrieves his stolen meat and money. Ananse passes out but wakes up moments later with a new look. He also spots a suspicious person moving around in the dark. As curious and mischieveous as Ananse is, he does what you can expect, he follows…

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The trickster Ananse stumbles on a frightening conspiracy that threatens his very reality. Trying to profit off this secret sets off a wild and unexpected adventure which reimagines the age-old folktale character of West Africa, Ananse, in a magical world full of gods, fantastical creatures and monsters. Here, his cunning, wits and unlikely partnership with Kotoko are the only things that can keep him alive.

Will they prevail or will Ananse’s greed and deviousness and Kotoko’s overconfidence and eagerness for adventure doom them all?

Created, written and illustrated by Kiaski Donkor.